X-ray and CT Scan for Diagnosing Sinusitis

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X-Ray and CT Scan in diagnosing Sinusitis

X-ray and CT Scan are imaging techniques used to visualize the details of your sinuses. Though both use radio waves, the amount of information provided by a CT scan is way more than what an X-ray provides. The difference is as significant as a 2D photograph vs a 3D model.

It is also important to understand this difference as there is some misinformation about why a CT scan is required for simple symptoms such as nasal congestion! Hope this article helps you appreciate how CT scan can be a useful tool in accurate diagnosis and thereby effective treatment.

X-ray and CT scan are 70 years apart. It might not sound like a long period, but having in mind the pace of technological advancements, saying that those two are 70 light years apart from each other probably describes the difference better.

Both methods use X-rays to generate an image. However, the amount of info the X-ray provides is just a fraction of that provided by a CT scan. For accurate diagnosis and clinical decision making in patients with Sinusitis, it is crucial to acquire as much information as possible. And everything is important! For example, a small polyp of just a few millimeters in diameter can entirely change the treatment plan from medical therapy to surgical removal.

Limitations of X-ray

Advantages of CT Scan in diagnosing Sinusitis

To sum things up, the benefits of undergoing a CT scan outweigh the risks! In the past few decades, thanks to technological advancements in radiology the dose of radiation a patient receives during CT scanning is significantly lower than it used to be. The benefits of the procedure are far ahead of risks, and the only limiting factor is its price – the technology is not available in all parts of the world.

More information about diagnosing sinusitis – https://www.healthline.com/health/sinus-x-ray#purpose

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