Testimonial by Mr. Murali Krishna

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Nasal Polyps Surgery


  • Suffering from sinusitis over the past 7-8 yrs, could not undergo treatment due to hectic work commitments
  • Initially had nasal polyps in the right nostril
  • Got no relief from alternate treatment methods
  • After various treatments in Vijayawada, referred to Dr Rao’s ENT by daughter residing in Hyderabad
  • Due to comorbidities such as BP, Sugar, opted for a trusted hospital such as Dr Rao’s ENT
  • Initial video consultation with Dr. GVK Chaitanya Rao
  • Complete blockage in both nostrils, resulting in mouth breathing
  • Excellent relief post surgery
  • Completely seamless experience without any delays
  • Happy with the hospitality and care provided by entire staff, infrastructure and inpatient experience

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