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What are the risks of Sinus surgery?


With the latest advancements in surgical techniques, sinus surgery does not leave any scars or incisions. In case of endoscopic techniques such as Balloon Sinuplasty the procedure is carried out by inserting a thin, flexible instrument called an endoscope into your nostril. The endoscope has a small camera lens on its end which allows the doctor to see the infected areas and blocks, thereby allowing the doctor to remove the blocks, infection, polyps, scar tissue, etc as required.

The surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia leading to temporary numbness in the nose area. The surgery duration is typically short and you can go home when it is completed. In a very small number of cases there might be minor issues such as bleeding, infection, swelling around the sinus region, decreased sense of smell and scar tissue. Your doctor will explain the risks involved. You can always seek a second opinion from Sinus Doctor for understanding the same. Know more about sinus surgical treatment here.

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