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Does surgery cure Sinusitis permanently?


Sinus surgery is one part of the treatment plan recommended by your Sinus Doctor based on the nature of your sinusitis. Sinus surgery helps clear up your blocked nasal passages or clear infection and drain your sinuses which would help you breathe easier. Your doctor would also recommend follow-up medication and self-care methods to minimize recurrence. That said, it may not permanently cure your sinusitis always. 

In 90% of the cases sinus surgery proves effective and improves symptoms. The best results are obtained when you use nasal irrigation, decongestants or antibiotics post surgery as recommended by your doctor. Either way, the benefits far outweigh the problems. The cost of negligence can be high as chronic sinus infections may lead to serious and sometimes fatal issues such as infection spreading to the brain causing meningitis, brain abscess, etc. Know about Sinusitis Surgical treatment here.

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