Can sinusitis be prevented?

The prevention of sinusitis depends on it’s cause and there is no single sure shot way of preventing it. A combination of the following precautions can help lower the risk though – Irrigate your sinuses regularly Stay hydrated Be aware of potential allergens Keep away from smoking (both active and passive) and dust Avoid dry […]

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Do painkillers help in easing swelling pain associated with sinusitis?

Sinusitis leads to pressure build up in your facial area near nose where sinuses are present and painkillers are useful in relieving the pressure and pain associated. Your sinus doctor would recommend over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers such as ibuprofen. Though they don’t help clearing the infection or the reason behind the sinusitis itself, they help by

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Sinusitis in Children

Most of the triggers of Sinusitis are common for children and adults for a few exceptions. Allergies Passive smoke Inhalation of dust and pollution Contracting infection from other children Drinking from bottle while lying on the back Seasonal changes can also lead to nasal congestion which can trigger sinusitis

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Sinuses can be Chronic

Did you know? 1 in every 8 person suffer from Sinusitis. Sinuses can be chronic and hamper your quality of life. Book an appointment with SinusDoctor and get relief from Sinusitis.

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