How can a DNS or Deviated Nasal septum affect you?

What is DNS or Deviated nasal septum?

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A thin partition wall between the right and the left nostril is known as the nasal septum. When this partition wall is displaced or bent to one side (sometimes both sides), it is known as deviated nasal septum or DNS. Mild displacement or deviation is standard and does not produce any symptoms. Occasionally, patients can observe deviation themselves in the mirror by simply lifting the tip of the nose with fingers.

Causes for DNS or Deviated nasal septum?

Nasal septum deviation can appear from birth, and it can bend as the person grows older. Birth trauma, injury to the nose while playing contact sports or injury to the nose in an accident can also cause a deviated nasal septum. One more reason for us to wear a helmet while playing contact sports or riding a bike and a seat belt while driving a car.

Deviated Septum Surgery Cost

How can a DNS or Deviated Nasal septum affect you?

Patients having Deviated nasal septum can experience one or many of the following symptoms.

  1. Nose block – Patients feels that one nostril or both are getting blocked. This aggravates when he has a cold or an allergy episode.
  2.  Sleep disturbances – Because of the nose block, the patient has difficulty sleeping. He will have to keep changing sleeping positions to help keep his nose open.
  3.  Dry mouth – Because of incomplete breathing from the nose, the patient has to open his mouth and breathe to compensate. This leads to evaporation of saliva from the mouth, causing dry mouth and bad breath.
  4. Noisy breathing – with the deviated nasal septum, the patient can experience noisy breathing. DNS can also contribute to snoring to a certain extent.
  5. Nose bleeds – the surface of the nasal septum dries up with air hitting the deviated side of nasal septum. this dryness can lead to breaks in nasal mucosal lining, causing nose bleeding
  6.  Headache and facial pain – Bad bends in the nasal septum forming sharp-pointed spurs can cause headaches and facial pain. These sharp-pointed spurs press on the adjacent nasal structures when their surfaces come in contact and pressure is produced.
  7.  Sinusitis – Deviated nasal septum can encroach into the nasal sinus drainage pathways obstructing the sinus outflow. This obstruction can lead to stasis of secretions in sinuses which gets infected and turns into pus, causing sinusitis.

It would be best to visit your ENT doctor when any of the above symptoms are troubling you or are recurring. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms & if you would like to know Deviated septum surgery cost in India , Book Your Appointment Now!

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