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During our years of experience with Sinus patients, we see most cases that could have been simplified with the right diagnosis and treatment. There is a growing need for Sinus education in India and SinusDoctor has been started to address that need. We encounter a lot of cases where Sinusitis can be treated through medication alone where surgery may not cure the case and vice versa. With recent advances in diagnosis and treatment, Sinusitis can be cured completely with the right approach. Also there is a growing need to educate people to not consider Sinusitis as a chronic inconvenience and approach the right doctor for getting permanent relief.

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Dr GVK Chaitanya Rao

Dr GVK Chaitanya Rao is a member of American Rhinologic Society (ARS) and European Rhinologic Society (ERS) and has 6+ years experience in the field of ENT. He is one of the few Indian ENT specialists to have undergone training in Advanced Sinus Surgery at IRCAD Taiwan. His special areas of interest include Nose & sinus surgeries, Otology, Snoring and Sleep Apnea surgeries. 

He underwent special training in snoring and sleep apnea surgery at Singapore general Hospital, Singapore. During his Post-graduation itself he was invited as a visiting physician to House Institute of Medical sciences, Los Angeles; Rhinology and Anterior skull base unit, Ohio State University Medical Centre, Columbus, Ohio and University of Michigan.

With 10+ years of experience, 10,000+ happy patients and 3500+ surgeries, consult Dr G V K Chaitanya Rao, Best Sinus Specialist in Hyderabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

The prevention of sinusitis depends on it’s cause and there is no single sure shot way of preventing it. A combination of the following precautions can help lower the risk though –

Irrigate your sinuses regularly
Stay hydrated
Be aware of potential allergens
Keep away from smoking (both active and passive) and dust
Avoid dry environments and humidify your surroundings
Sleep with your head elevated

Sinusitis leads to pressure build up in your facial area near nose where sinuses are present and painkillers are useful in relieving the pressure and pain associated. Your sinus doctor would recommend over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers such as ibuprofen. Though they don’t help clearing the infection or the reason behind the sinusitis itself, they help by making the symptoms more tolerable before the sinus medication starts showing results. You can also try some home remedies for sinusitis for similar results.

Nasal sprays help provide temporary relief from nasal congestion. Your doctor might recommend using one to relieve symptoms along with medication. Overuse of nasal decongestants can prove counter-productive and make you feel more congested, hence your doctor would recommend using them for not more than 2-3 days. Nasal decongestants are available both as sprays and pills, they work by reducing the amount of mucus produced.

With the latest advancements in surgical techniques, sinus surgery does not leave any scars or incisions. In case of endoscopic techniques such as Balloon Sinuplasty the procedure is carried out by inserting a thin, flexible instrument called an endoscope into your nostril. The endoscope has a small camera lens on its end which allows the doctor to see the infected areas and blocks, thereby allowing the doctor to remove the blocks, infection, polyps, scar tissue, etc as required.

The surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia leading to temporary numbness in the nose area. The surgery duration is typically short and you can go home when it is completed. In a very small number of cases there might be minor issues such as bleeding, infection, swelling around the sinus region, decreased sense of smell and scar tissue.

Your doctor might recommend sinus surgery in the following cases –

  • If you are having recurring episodes or chronic sinusitis
  • If there is no improvement in symptoms with medication
  • Your sinusitis is caused by nasal polyps or structural abnormalities such as deviated septum

Sinus surgery is one part of the treatment plan recommended by your Sinus Doctor based on the nature of your sinusitis. Sinus surgery helps clear up your blocked nasal passages or clear infection and drain your sinuses which would help you breathe easier. Your doctor would also recommend follow-up medication and self-care methods to minimize recurrence. That said, it may not permanently cure your sinusitis always.  For all your Sinus related queries, get an appointment with Dr G V K Chaitanya Rao, Best Sinus Surgeon in Hyderabad and Leading ENT Specialist.

In case of acute sinusitis chances are your sinuses may drain naturally over a period of time, albeit some discomfort and congestion. In case of recurring or chronic sinusitis, you will have frequent episodes of sinusitis which will not just cause discomfort but lead to loss of quality of life. Though sinusitis itself is benign in nature, prolonged episodes of sinusitis may lead to spread of infection to other areas causing serious issues such as brain abscess, meningitis or bone infections. Always consult a Sinus Specialist if your problem persists or recurs.

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